AI (SEO) content

Your assistant for creating texts for products. This feature allows you to generate AI content in bulk based on input data from your e-shop.

AI texts

Efficiency is key

Did you receive only brief data and texts from the supplier? Are your titles and texts not optimized for SEO?
Engage an
AI copywriter. It's like having a hundred in-house creatives. Based on the input data from your e-commerce store, they'll mass-generate texts for your products in no time. You'll get rich and SEO-optimized titles and descriptions, automatically formatted to look good.

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Clear dashboard

At any given moment, you know which products have been prepared by AI or subsequently reviewed and edited by your human copywriter.

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The ability to bulk edit texts will give you speed. Prioritize follow-up and editing by your people.

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Manual adjustment

The AI is able to prepare the texts in an admirable quality. But remember that AI needs to be controlled.


Automatic text creation

It takes a lot of time to text all the products. Often, suppliers only provide plain texts and the e-shop has to spend a lot of time and money to get the texts into a more readable form. AI can create a large number of descriptions in bulk , but more importantly, it automatically optimizes them for SEO. You can then have the texts reviewed and edited according to your priorities. With quality AI preparation, you can be much more efficient and faster.

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Prompt engineering

Isn't prompting for AI one of your strengths? Contact us. Our specialists can help you set up the ideal prompt for the best results for your texts, taking into account the source data.

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Special texts for the marketplace

LOCO can generate special texts (titles and descriptions) directly optimized for individual marketplace platforms such as Amazon or eBay.

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Cost savings

LOCO will bulk-prepare any number of texts in this way. This saves a lot of costs for manual text preparation by internal employees.

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