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Frequently asked questions and answers

Can I try out LOCO for free?

Yes, you can use LOCO for free on 50 products. It's up to you whether you translate the selected products or generate new AI descriptions for them. You can also try to upload the products to your e-shop.

How exactly do I create AI texts?

The basic setup counts on texts from the e-shop (e.g. a brief description from the supplier), which can be edited into a more readable form, optimized for SEO and formatted in a basic way. We can also tailor your specific editing requirement to ensure the best possible result. If you would like to customize your copywriting assignment, please email us at

Can I use my completed translations in LOCO?

For sure! When you import your translations into LOCO, they remain translated. LOCO will then only translate new products. You automate the whole process through LOCO. So you won't lose your translations, you'll use them instead.

What is the difference between LOCO and feed translation via DeepL or Google Translate?

Automatic translation is a good and simple solution for fast translation of large volumes of text. But it can add work elsewhere. Compared to DeepL, for example, LOCO does not translate duplicates, saving your staff time for further editing. When translating, it takes into account tags, HTML tags, text changes on the input and exports products directly to the e-shop.

How do I create an account and connect my

You can create an account by installing the add-on on the Shoptet and Upgates platforms or by sending us your product feed, we will create an account for you and automate the entire data exchange process.

How much does the translation cost?

In LOCO, you pay according to how you use the app. For translations, you pay for the translation of unique texts and the filling of your TRANSLATION MEMORY according to the number of words in the translated sentences. When creating AI texts, you pay according to the number of words in the newly created texts. Want to export products directly to your e-shop or automate via XML feed? You pay us per active export in a given month.