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You no longer have to deal with inefficient management of your products

All from one place and on one dashboard.

LOCO is a PIM for localization. One app and one place from which you manage the content to products and categories in all languages.

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Clear dashboard
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Bulk editing in a few clicks
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Overview of all key metrics

100% localization quality and relevance by combining AI and a human check.

With LOCO you can say goodbye to the shortcomings of automatic translations, which often do not even reach 70% of the quality of human translations, as well as to the slow and expensive services of professional agencies.

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Automatically determine the quality of your content
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Focus on products that generate money for you
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Automatic SEO optimization

Increase productivity and reduce costs for inefficient processes.

With LOCO you can have your products ready for sale in different markets automatically, within hours, with your texts and quality fully under your control, allowing you to focus primarily on the bestsellers that form the core of your business.

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No more complicated export of translations
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Replace manual work with automation
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Expand into new markets in days
product features

"Product information management" platform

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Next Generation Localization

LOCO does not translate tags or URL links inside texts. Instead, it preserves the formatting of the texts (the so-called HTML tags). You don't have to worry about these struggles of conventional automatic translators anymore, the AI integrated in our application will deal with them for you.

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Translation memory and own dictionary

All texts are being analyzed by LOCO. Unique ones are translated and stored in your translation database (TRANSLATION MEMORY). It uses its data for the next translation. You can also influence the quality of the final translation by creating your own dictionary or by manually editing the finished texts.

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Automatic import of data from your e-shop will speed up the localization process. LOCO will also automatically download information about new or changed products. The resulting translations or AI texts are then directly exported back to the e-shop or XML feed.

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Content editing

All content can be edited. Editing will be written directly to all products it affects. At the same time, the edited texts are saved in your own TRANSLATION MEMORY.

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Demand for professionals

The translation of texts is evaluated by AI, which determines which products need subsequent editing by human professionals. Don't you have your own translators, copywriters, or proofreaders? No problem. You can make a request directly in the app and choose from our database.

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Special texts for the marketplace

LOCO can create special descriptions optimized for individual foreign MARKEPLACES such as Amazon, eBay. With a few clicks you can get hundreds and thousands of optimized texts for your other sales channels.

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Simply connect LOCO to your existing platforms

Who is loco for?

Designed for small e-shops, large e-commerce players and translation agencies.

The combination of AI know-how and translation tools allowed us to develop an application tailored to the needs of e-commerce. At LOCO, we combine technology and human professionals.

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Small e-shops

Fast and reliable translation with subsequent export of content directly to your e-shop is something that will please every small e-shopper. No need to worry about localization or expansion, we will guide you through the entire process. Plus, you'll discover what can be automated and where you can save money.

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Medium and large e-shops

Bigger e-shop, bigger worries? With more products, there is more complexity, but that doesn't necessarily mean more work. Thanks to LOCO's unique combination of AI and human checks, you'll know where to save your own efforts and simply rely on technology. Plus, the app lets you know exactly where your products are at any given moment.

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Marketing and translation agencies

No more manual file transfer between agencies and e-shop. Thanks to LOCO you get all the administration in one place.


How we helped our customers

"LOCO has fully automated the entire product localization process for our international expansion across Europe!"

Antonín Štětina,

"Finally, a tool that solved all our translation problems!"

Jan Hebnar,

"We simply localize our products on Shopify!"

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Ondra Bumbálek, HAVE.BEER