Our story

We are a global technology company. We provide e-tailers with software that eases the challenging process of localizing products and other text as they expand. Our big advantage is our background in e-commerce, where we originally developed LOCO as an application for our own e-commerce platform. With experience in marketplace sales, we know the needs of e-shops with a focus on efficiency and increasing sales in all markets and channels where e-shops operate.

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We are a team of enthusiasts

We enjoy new technologies, innovation and AI. We are constantly looking for new, more effective solutions in today's fast-changing world of (not only) e-commerce.

Innovating the translation market
and localization

We don't just work with translations, we go further. Our goal is to demonstrate the power of localization for successful expansion into foreign markets. AI is changing established processes and LOCO is the innovator that sets the direction.

Our values

What are we guided by?

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Innovating smartly

Innovation is in our DNA. It helps us to stay ahead of the competition and set the direction of the market.

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Going with the flow

We enjoy our work. As product developers, we think about the end user at every stage.

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We grow by sharing

We all share the desire to be the best at what we do. We are learning to continually improve and bring the best service to our customers.

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We're all working towards the same goal

We are working on a common task and pulling together as a team. We benefit from the diverse perspectives, opinions, and expertise of our team members, whether they are in the country or in the world.

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We are transparent

We are advocates of openness. We know our goals, successes, and failures. Everyone on our team has access to all important company news and business results.

Our team

Who makes up LOCO?

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