Translation memory

In LOCO, you create your own database of translations, which saves you money.

Effective work with texts and translations

LOCO includes theTRANSLATION MEMORY function, which ensures that each translation is stored in your own database. It doesn't matter if it is an AUTO translation or a text edited by the translator. Thus, when the translation is complete, each sentence, phrase or name is saved in the client's database for future use. TRANSLATION MEMORY serves as a valuable source of translations for new products that will be translated by
in the future. Translations from the database can be reused, saving time and effort when translating new content. In the app, you can see the frequency of each phrase in your TRANSLATION MEMORY, so you can edit it for the most effective impact on your products.

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Manual adjustments

Your TRANSLATION MEMORY can be continuously modified and constantly improved to best match the language and style of your
. Modifications can include language nuances, specific phrases or specialist terms that are relevant to a particular e-shop and target customer group. In this way, you create your own
and translation style for your e-shop,
, and ensure consistency in the translation of your products.

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Automate the translation of new content

LOCO primarily uses your TRANSLATION MEMORY for translation. When translating new products or updating the content of your e-shop, the application automatically searches for the corresponding translations in your database and uses them. This ensures consistency and accuracy of translations across the e-shop and simplifies the process of translating new products. This saves you the cost of unnecessary and repetitive manual work for your staff.

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Checking and efficiency

The words in TRANSLATION MEMORY are sorted according to their frequency of occurrence in your texts. This ensures efficiency of manual editing and gives you control over the content of your database. In addition, you only pay once for each phrase in TRANSLATION MEMORY.

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