Translations on Heureka

With LOCO you can quickly and efficiently translate your products into different languages for selected marketplaces from one place. The LOCO APP is completely free to use. You only pay for the translation of unique sentences by AUTO translation.

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You have an e-shop on and want to expand to other countries? Put yourself in the hands of LOCO. We will take care of
the entire translation process with export directly to the Heureka feed.

We will translate your product portfolio into foreign languages, we also think about the continuous translation and export of new products. As part of the translation, you can also adjust the prices and VAT rate for the target Heureka feed so that you can immediately list it abroad.

We can help you automate the entire process of translating your e-commerce products! With an emphasis on speed, quality and efficiency, we will ensure that you can sell abroad as soon as possible.

How does LOCO APP work?

Import of data
  • We import data from your source Heureka feed.
  • LOCO APP analyses all texts thoroughly and identifies duplicates.
  • The final text is exported back to the e-shop.
  • You sell in foreign markets and get your first orders.
  • We continuously translate new products in the feed using your translation database.

What can you solve with LOCO?

You will significantly speed up
and make the publication of new
products abroad more efficient.
Reduce translation costs by up to 80%.
You build your own translation database (TRANSLATION MEMORY).
Save time by managing translations.
You will get an overview
of translations and costs.
Complete translation management in one place.
Did you know that in the case of seasonal products (e.g. fashion), the speed of publication determines sales? According to our data, 17% of products are sold for the first time within 30 days of being listed.

Are you interested in product translations on Heureka? Manage them smartly and efficiently!

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