Content localization

We localize products and categories into other languages smartly and efficiently.

Smart localization platform tailored to e-commerce

Localization of an e-shop is not only about translation into a foreign language. It is based on translation, but you need to go further. LOCO can do fast AI AUTO translation. It is still true that on average 30% of texts are not of sufficient quality. You certainly don't want that for your bestselling products. That's why we implemented AI text quality assessment in the app. This way you get a clear message about which products need checking and subsequent editing. LOCO detects duplicates in the texts, and the smart interface allows you to save edits continuously. Every translation and edit is stored in your TRANSLATION MEMORY. The add-on thus continuously learns and prepares higher-quality content for future products. New products are directly exported to the e-shop. We also automatically detect changes in the source language and update the content to keep it up-to-date abroad.

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Duplicate detection

According to our data, an average of 50% of the texts for products are repeated
(up to 80% for fashion). With LOCO, you only translate a sentence once, you create your own TRANSLATION MEMORY and the app does everything for you.

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Each translated sentence is stored in your translation database, i.e. TRANSLATION MEMORY. It does not matter if it is an AI AUTO translation or a manual editing and translation by your translator. This way the application is constantly learning and recognizing the language style of your e-shop.

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Translation Editor

LOCO offers a smart interface for managing translations. You can check and edit translations according to their priority or phrase frequency, so that as many products as possible are affected.


Focused on products

Products that make money for e-shops are of interest to us and to you. This makes LOCO different from traditional translation tools that deal primarily with text. As e-tailers, you sell, you have your bestsellers, and therefore your translation work should be prioritized according to the importance of your products. Of course, you also have to consider the quality of the texts. You can always see the translation status of each product on a clear dashboard. You can also see if it has been translated by AI AUTO translation or edited by someone else.

LOCO can also use your already completed translations and just automate the whole process for you. The app also allows you to connect to external translation agencies and make the exchange of data between all parties more efficient. You can thus automate the entire process without re-translations in spreadsheets. New products are automatically imported, you can immediately list them and, in addition, address improvements via the translation agency.

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Brands (Brands)

The application identifies individual tags in names and texts and automatically omits them from the translation.

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Formatting your texts (HTML tags)

LOCO also detects the formatting of your texts and can preserve it during translation.

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URLs inside texts

The application recognizes URL links in all texts. In LOCO you can easily edit them in bulk for the needs of the foreign market.

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Changes to source language texts

The texts on the source e-shops are commonly changed, but LOCO automatically detects them. You can update them for the client.

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You can fully automate the entire process according to simple rules. LOCO will automatically translate new products and update translations for changed products. You just check everything on the dashboard.

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Prioritizing your work

In LOCO you can translate only selected or all products. You can prioritize the subsequent inspection according to the aspects that suit you.

CAT tool

Smart translation tool

LOCO is a smart CAT tool for e-commerce. It constantly analyses all texts and breaks them down into sentences. It detects duplicates and does not translate them unnecessarily. This saves costs not only for fast AI AUTO translation, but especially in subsequent human review, where the translator checks and edits each sentence only once. You can also submit a request for a professional translation directly in the app. Translation agencies are connected to LOCO to provide translation for your products. If you have your own translators, use our LOCO PRO module to work and manage your translators.

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Custom dictionary

Inserting your own dictionary or words that should not be translated will ensure better output and consistency of your translations.

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A special module and interface for translators, where they can see the image and the full text, but only the new text can be edited. Send selected products to the translators. Immediately after translation, each product is immediately listed on the

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Links to translation agencies

You select specific products directly in the app and submit a request for PRO translation via a professional translator. We will arrange the selection of the agency and the exchange of the required data for you. So you don't have to waste hours forwarding files and looking for professionals.

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