Workflow automation

Your assistant for creating texts for products. This feature allows you to generate AI content in bulk based on input data from your e-shop.


Automate what you can!

We will connectyour e-shop and automate the entire process of creating or translating text content. New and changed products are automatically detected. We can export the finished texts directly to your e-shop.
automatically detects new products and text changes on your existing source e-shop by connecting via XML feed, API or add-ons on selected platforms (Shoptet, Upgates). By setting up automation, it can update and translate them to keep your texts up-to-date in all markets at all times. LOCO instantly exports products to your e-shop or online marketplace. This minimizes the delay between translation and publishing of products, saving you a lot of unnecessary manual work by forwarding and inserting data.

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New products

LOCO automatically downloads new products from your e-shop. You don't have to worry about manually downloading and importing products into the app, which saves you time and makes managing your assortment easier.

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Automatic creation of AI content and translations

Automate the creation of AI texts and translations for new products, saving your copywriters and translators unnecessary manual work. They can focus on the creative work of putting the finishing touches on your products to ensure a difference from your competitors.

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Automatic translation of changes

The text of existing products is often changed and improved. LOCO can detect these changes. By setting up automation, you ensure that only changed texts are automatically translated and that your texts are consistent across all foreign markets where you operate. Therefore, the entire description is not re-translated, but only the changed text.

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Instant export after translation

Speed is key in e-commerce! By setting up automation to export products to your e-shop as soon as new texts are created or translated, you ensure real efficiency in the whole process without sending and uploading static files unnecessarily.

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