LOCO Quality score

LOCO can now use AI to assess the quality of automatic translation for each product.

quality of translation

The quality of automatic translation is between 70 and 95%

Many e-shops use automatic translators (e.g. Google Translate or DeepL) to translate their products. Considering the overall cost, they often do not address their quality and the need for manual checking, even though it would be necessary. This can have a major impact on sales in foreign markets. Some e-shops translate everything through a translator - these in turn could save 70% or more. LOCO can now assess the quality of a translation using AI. This lets you know exactly where the translation is not good and needs to be adjusted. This will make your entire localization process significantly more efficient and cheaper.

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Saving time and costs

LOCO detects products with bad translations. This lets you know exactly which ones need to be checked and edited.

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Work more efficiently

Translators can work more efficiently because the evaluation includes tips for correcting and improving the translation.

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Grammar and translation style check

The quality check of the translation includes not only the translation itself, but also the grammar and style of the translation, which are equally important for the overall impression of the text.

Evaluation of the translation

Method of evaluation of translations

The evaluation of translation quality is divided into three levels:

0-39%: the translation is considered bad because it has a different meaning than the source text.

40-89%: translation is considered average. Although it is basically correct linguistically, it contains poorly translated parts that could have been translated better in context.

90-100%: the translation is considered excellent and error-free.

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AI technology

We use AI technology (ChatGPT 4 + our own know how) to evaluate the translation. This allows e-shops to prioritize the work of their people much better. However, we still need to take into account that this technology is constantly evolving and the results may not always be 100%.

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For e-shops that use
automatic translations for products, it is now difficult to determine which products to have checked by humans. The new AI feature greatly simplifies this decision and allows the e-shop to work much more efficiently.

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Easier localization

New technologies are significantly changing the approach to localization. The use of AI makes it possible to quickly localize large chunks of text and then edit the necessary and important ones. People can then focus on the creative work that will have the biggest impact on e-commerce sales.

CAT tool

Translation improvements

Thanks to AI, LOCO offers an innovative way to quickly prepare large amounts of text and provide translations. However, it is important to note that AI is still in development and does not reach the quality of human output. A follow-up human check is still required, at least for the most important products. In LOCO, you can edit text or translations directly in the application, efficiently and in bulk for all products where needed. In addition, all edits are saved in your TRANSLATION MEMORY. LOCO also allows you to request external professionals directly in the application interface if you do not have your own translators or copywriters. We work with high-quality professionals who are able to perform a thorough review and editing of your texts.

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Smart interface

At LOCO, we have combined the know-how of
from professional translation tools. By inserting your own dictionary or specifying words that should not be translated, you can ensure better output
and consistency of all translations.

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All in one place

All the text content for your e-shop in one place. AI text preparation, custom manual editing, request for professionals and export directly to the e-shop are the main advantages of LOCO.

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Connection with agencies

Professional agencies can manage the e-shop data in a clear interface and easily export those products that LOCO evaluates as badly translated and which should be edited by professionals.

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