Product translations for Prestashop

Expand your PrestaShop e-shop to global markets with LOCO. We provide targeted localization, SEO and efficient implementation to increase your sales.

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Why choose LOCO for your PrestaShop localization?

LOCO makes your products on the PrestaShop platform come alive for the international market. We understand the challenges of globalization in e-commerce and are here to help you overcome language and cultural barriers. Our product localization for PrestaShop will help you prepare content for your products 70% cheaper and more efficiently. All features are designed to make your products resonate with local markets and increase your global sales.
We offer a wide range of language variations for easy expansion into new international markets.

The main advantages of LOCO

Targeted localization: we refine and tailor your content for specific markets, taking into account local customs and preferences.
SEO and e-commerce specialization: we increase your online presence and optimize your content for search engines along with appropriate keywords and content strategy.
Efficient and fast implementation: our experts ensure a smooth and fast localization process without compromising on quality.

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