Apr 29, 2024

News: LOCO app brings a clearer environment for a better customer experience

In the latest update to LOCO, we're bringing a number of improvements that fundamentally transform the way you can work with localization. From a redesigned and more intuitive dashboard, to simplified and clearer menus, to a complete redesign of the app. Each change is designed to increase your efficiency, make navigation easier, and optimize localization management. In addition to these key innovations, we've made other important improvements such as innovations in automation and intelligent text processing that open up new possibilities for using the app effectively.

News: LOCO app brings a clearer environment for a better customer experience

A clearer dashboard: the centre of your localization strategy

In the latest update of the LOCO app, we focused on improving the dashboard, which now comes with a new, more organized design for better clarity and easier navigation. This change offers a more efficient way to manage your translations while easily identifying which specific actions to focus on.

Save time and costs with a clearer dashboard - managing your localization has never been more intuitive.

What do you find on the dashboard?

1. Overview of the product life cycle

The dashboard now clearly displays information about the product life cycle in the localization. Together with an overview of rated and checked products, you can better navigate the current status of products and their translations.

2. AI content generation (SEO)

An overview of key AI enhancements is also waiting for you in the dashboard. Make the most of the potential of AI content generation in your app and be even more efficient with localization.

3. Translation Memory Statistics

We've also added Translation Memory to the dashboard, so you always have a clear overview of your cost savings. Manage localization transparently and optimize individual processes.

Clearer menu for easier orientation

In addition to an improved dashboard, the app also features a new menu that we've redesigned to make it easier to navigate and quickly access key LOCO features. Categories, parameters, brands and reviews have now been moved to the Products section.

Connections can now be found under a separate item in the Menu. The Translations section has been integrated into Settings. The application settings have been re-structured into sub-categories, including Product Settings, Localization Settings and General Settings to help you customize the application to your needs more quickly and efficiently.

New app design

The new features include a more user-friendly design of the LOCO application. We have redesigned the overall look of the administration and focused on simplicity and intuitiveness for faster orientation and easier navigation in the application.

As part of this redesign, we also modified the terminology of some actions and elements to make their use more logical and understandable when managing product localization. We have simplified the terminology, most importantly switching from the term "translations" to "localizations" to better reflect the scope and goals of working with the LOCO application.  

This change not only makes the localization process easier to understand for new users, but also brings greater clarity in terminology, which is essential for effective communication and management of localization projects.

Other improvements in the app

We also introduced several key new features that significantly improve the process of creating and editing product descriptions.

Edit prompts to improve descriptions

One of them is a modification of the description enhancement prompts, where we have implemented a feature to preserve images and links from the original, unenhanced description. This change will be appreciated by users who insert visual content or external links into their descriptions. With the new prompts that now include variables to retain these elements, ChatGPT will automatically retain existing images and links when enhancing text, eliminating the need to manually add them back into the text. This feature brings significant time savings and increased convenience when editing descriptions.

Automatic text enhancement rule

Another new feature is the introduction of an automatic AI text enhancement rule. With this feature, you can define specific rules for automated text enhancement based on the filters you choose. You can easily set which products the rule should be applied to and specify which parts of the text (e.g. title, short description, long description, or extended description) you want to automatically improve. This functionality greatly streamlines the content management process and enables faster updates to product descriptions using advanced AI capabilities, which is the next step towards automating and optimizing localization processes in the LOCO app.

With these updates, you can reach international customers more easily and effectively, leading to better understanding and greater loyalty. With LOCO, you're always one step ahead in the fast-paced world of global e-commerce. With a redesigned dashboard, simplified menus and overall design improvements, the app becomes even more intuitive and user-friendly. New features like prompts editing to preserve images and links in descriptions and an automatic AI text enhancement rule make working with localization more efficient and productive.

This makes the LOCO app an essential tool for anyone who wants to take their localization to the next level. For further information or any questions or comments, feel free to contact us at: