Apr 29, 2024

LOCO: Revolutionary PIM for localizing your e-commerce content

PIM is a key tool for product data management in e-commerce. LOCO is a special PIM for product localization that provides centralized management of localized content in different languages for individual products. This helps e-tailers increase overall management, credibility and facilitate expansion into new markets. What are the other benefits?

LOCO: Revolutionary PIM for localizing your e-commerce content

What is PIM?

The abbreviation PIM ( ProductInformationManagement) refers to product data/information management. Simply imagine one central system, one source from which you manage all sales channels. You enter your data once and it automatically processes it. The system receives the data, checks it, edits it if necessary, adds to it, and holds it for future use. Or translate it into a foreign language. It then distributes them to your other channels, which in e-commerce could be your e-shop or various marketplaces. All from one place.

7 reasons to use PIM

In e-commerce, the use of PIM systems is crucial for several reasons. As e-tailers, thanks to them you can:

  • centrally manage a huge amount of product information from one interface,
  • with clear product content, your e-shop looks credible,
  • you can more easily build a positive customer experience when shopping on your website,
  • make more effective decisions about your online business,
  • you can launch new products on your e-shop faster,
  • you know how to target marketing and optimise campaigns
  • and last but not least, you can prepare and localize content for different foreign markets and languages from one place for successful expansion.

In short, using PIM-based systems or applications is clearly worthwhile. It will save you hours of time and a lot of manual work. You can focus on what is really important in e-commerce (and not only): a quality product, a user-friendly e-shop, effective marketing, customer service and the credibility and reliability of your brand.

💡 Save up to 80% of previously unnecessary manual work with LOCO.

LOCO: PIM for localization

What does it mean that LOCO is a PIM for localization? A smart LOCO application performs the function of the central system from the introduction. It acts as the central point from which you serve all language versions of the content for products and categories, not only managing all product information (parameters, images, metafields) but also ensuring that this information is translated and adapted for different language and cultural contexts. You have a tool that ensures that your products are presented in a relevant form in different global markets.

💡How to use AI smartly in localization? Take a look at our blog article.

Using LOCO in localization

1. Combination of technology and a human check

Once you connect your e-shop to LOCO, the application analyzes your product data. In the next step, we'll get down to the actual localization. You select the products you want to localize and translate their texts. You then have the automatic translation evaluated by AI, which determines which passages require a human check. If you don't have your own translator, you can make a request directly in the app or choose from the experts or translation agencies we work with. The combination of translation tool know-how and human checks is the key to successful, linguistically accurate and comprehensible translations that succeed in foreign competition.

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2. Text editing and optimization

You can also have your default product text automatically edited - AI-enhanced or SEO-optimised for better visibility in search results. You can make all edits in bulk, enter them at any time during the process, decide on their relevance, and then save them. LOCO will help you with the product name and short and long descriptions. Likewise, it can prepare special texts for marketplaces with regard to the specifics of your chosen sales channel. Everything that happens with the texts is tracked on a clear dashboard.

3. Automatic export

Localized products - edited text, parameters, images and finished translations are then exported directly to where you need them - to your e-shop or selected marketplace (e.g. Amazon, eBay or Heureka). LOCO works as an independent web application, but also as an add-on for Shoptet or Upgates platforms. You can connect it to others using XML, CSV or API. You can also easily integrate it with Shopify and the like.

4. Managing textual content

If you already have completed translations, LOCO allows you to manage them efficiently. LOCO learns them and writes them into your TM (TRANSLATION MEMORY). This way you use the language of your e-shop for the localization of other products. You handle the finished product texts in the same way. From one place, they can be accessed by everyone who has something to do with them, be it your copywriter, translator or marketing agency. By managing from one place, you save yourself a lot of unnecessary communication about data exchange. Efficient information management is key in e-commerce. LOCOcan also be used as PIM-based software but without the benefits of an innovative localization tool. How? If you're not looking to expand and localization doesn't apply to you yet, then you're looking for a tool that makes general product data management easier. In today's e-commerce world, effective product information management can be considered a key factor for successful online sales. In this case, LOCO will help you prepare content that sells. It can generate AI content and optimize texts with SEO in mind. At the same time, it will set up automation of your entire workflow and ensure a smooth data exchange with your marketing agency, for example. Quickly exporting content back to your e-shop is already a matter of course.

💡Special use of LOCO is within the Shoptet add-on, where individual separate e-shops are connected via LOCO. By adding products to one e-shop, products can be automatically exported to all linked e-shops. And it doesn't matter if they are monobrands or foreign language e-shops. The e-shop thus completely automates the work of exporting products to one place.

PIM-based systems should not escape the attention of any e-tailer. Especially if you run an e-shop with a wide range of products and are planning to expand into foreign markets, the all-in-one LOCO platform is the ideal tool for you.

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